Snoop Dogg Stays Woke On New Album "Neva Left"

No one has managed to stay as true to themselves as much as Snoop Dogg has. The woke king of hip-hop hasn't stopped pumping out music through his time in the industry, and he certainly hasn't stopped now. Snoop Dogg stays woke on new album Neva Left, taking things old school for this one.

Snoop Dogg has a legendary past behind him, and it's embraced in this new record. You really feel a sense of old-school vibes while listening through it, tracks like 'Big Mouth' having that threatening vibe of classic hip-hop with a 90s flow to it. 'Promise You This' is similar in sound, its silly intro skit and dirty synth paired with Snoop's nonchalant flow giving it the oldschool vibe of its own.

There are instrumentally a lot of interesting things going on in Neva Left. Intro track 'Neva Left' brings the album in on a chill note, its captivating piano instrumental really accentuating Snoop's flow. The silly atmosphere of 'Moment I Feared' is assisted by a punchy synth bass that has a very old-school sound, the distant piano chords helping the song keep it fresh. Things get a bit more modern (and psychedelic) by the end of the record, where Snoop starts hitting blunts and pumping out tracks like '420 (Blaze Up)' and 'Mount Kushmore.'

Despite this album being good ol' Snoop, you can help but feel like you want something a bit more. The only weak point of the album feels like 'Swivel,' which just sounds aimless (ironically). It's a pretty standard record otherwise, with nothing really elevating it or bringing it down. There's a different sound in each track so it never gets stale yet you don't feel particularly excited anywhere, making it an entirely chilled back experience.

Snoop Dogg stays woke on new album Neva Left but he doesn't do much on it. It's a solid record yet it doesn't have much climax or energy to it. Nonetheless, its Snoop returning to his classic roots and staying true to himself as always, making it a real time with the hip-hop legend.

Favorite Track: Neva Left

Least Favorite Track: Swivel

Rating: 67 / 100

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