There's Not Much Going On In Com Truise's "Iteration"

Of all the electronic acts out there at the moment, Com Truise has been making quite the impression on the masses. With a series of releases last year, Com Truise was ready to take over. Sadly, there's not much going on in Com Truise's Iteration.

When delving into electronica, you won't something invigorating and groovy. Com Truise achieves that at the start of Iteration, opening track '...Of Your Fake Dimension' introducing the album with some nice wobbling synths with fun melodies and a certain bounciness. A familiar sound reprises itself in the following track 'Ephemeron,' a punchy bass synth popping in and out before the dreamy textures of 'Dryswitch' soon follow.

Beyond that... everything's pretty much the same. There really isn't any definitive moment in any song to really note because every song is some amalgamation of the first few tracks' principles. There's nothing really different; the dreamy synths, the melodic passages, and the laidback beats are all consistent throughout the record, but not in the way you'd want them to be. Consistency means a constant flow of ideas, not recycling the same ones so that everything sounds to the same.

If you're looking for something interesting, than you won't be happen with this record, because there's not much going on in Com Truise's Iteration. As an album to play in the background and chill too, it serves its purpose. As a record with content? Not so much.

Favorite Track: ...Of Your Fake Dimension

Least Favorite Track: ...everything else

Rating: 52 / 100

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