Mac DeMarco Sounds At Home In "This Old Dog"

You can really get a taste of what Canadian songwriter Mac DeMarco is all about in his new album. The laidback, dreamy textures of the record give you a pretty chill image of the guy in your head, and how comfortable he is with the music. MacDeMarco sounds at home in This Old Dog and it really sounds like all the music comes right from his soul.

There's an undeniable sense of personality in This Old Dog that really makes it endearing. You can really feel his character in songs like 'For The First Time' with its jazzy textures and the dinky synths, or in 'Still Beating' with the laidback guitars and sweet chords. Those same chords are the star in opening track 'My Old Man,' which brings the record off to a really warm start.

The sweetness of This Old Dog really gives the album a personal taste. 'Dreams From Yesterday' has an album waltz vibe to it, offering some moodiness that you'd imagine grooving to in a desert California sunset. 'A Wolf Who Wears Sheep's Clothes' follows with an even more grassroots sound, with a harmonica sounding bright and clear with the fun guitar lick supporting it. The sweet vibe of title track 'This Old Dog' provides the album with its overlying sense of nostalgia, the song's acoustic nature bringing a warm sense of the past with it.

The best moments on the record are the moody parts. They come towards the record, with 'One More Love Song' doing it the best. It's bluesy guitar and rainy, city street atmosphere providing for the perfect love scene to play through. The choruses are perfect, DeMarco's melodies hurting and supported by beautiful harmonies and a brilliant piano part backing it. This song is a great summation of the record: emotions packed into nostalgic scenes that everyone can imagine.

Mac DeMarco sounds at home in This Old Dog, largely thanks to the fact that he really sings from his soul. It's an album that everyone who listens can relate to and really feel a warm feeling as they recall the past events the album remembers. It's not the most climactic album but it will certainly hold a place in your heart.

Favorite Tracks: One More Love Song, This Old Dog

Least Favorite Track: A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes

Rating: 75 / 100

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