Death From Above Explode On "Outrage! Is Now"

Death From Above is always a band that delivers. Though their discography only now accounts for three albums, there are some timeless jams on every effort, and this new third album is no different. Death From Above explode on Outrage! Is Now, their triumphant and immense third record.

With Death From Above, there's no beating around the bush. They go straight into the riffs with the big, evil intro of 'Nomad' that punches you right in the face. The song's epic drive gets the album rolling powerfully from track one, moving into 'Freeze Me,' a different track for the band. Opening with a piano intro, the guitar quick in with a super catchy riff that mimics the piano. The song really accentuates the band's dance element that was always present in their music, bringing it the the forefront. 'Caught Up' brings more funk as it delivers a bit of swagger to the mix for an interesting touch.

Outrage! Is Now is a different album for the band for sure, but still shows that they're not weakening by any means. 'Freeze Me' has an epic bridge, and title track 'Outrage! Is Now' moves broodingly with a dark riff and a big call-to-arms chorus. The band's more riff-oriented nature takes hold in 'NVR 4EVR,' the crashing drums and immense riffs leading into a truly epic chorus. Closing track 'Holy Books' takes the album out with some huge drive that marks a powerful ending from the first note to the last.

Death From Above explode on Outrage! Is Now, bringing immense riffs while still changing a few things up. It's a new step for the band while still showing that their sound isn't diminishing by any length. The future may just be getting started for them.

Favorite Track: Freeze Me, NVR 4EVR, Nomad, Moonlight

Least Favorite Track: All I C Is U & Me

Rating: 87 / 100

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