Declan McKenna Brings Indie Anthems In "What Do You Think About The Car?"

Young talent nowadays chocks up to how much of a heartthrob your music can make you to be. There are some young prospects that pop up every once in awhile that stand above what's expected of them and make something special. Declan McKenna brings indie anthems in What Do You Think About The Car?, the teen's debut album that breathes originality and freshness.

One thing you can tell for certain for McKenna's music is that he isn't concerned about fame. He lives and breathes his music and thats first and foremost the message you want to get across. Opening track 'Humongous' immediately brings huge anthemic vibes to the table, great melodies sweeping across the track to make something really big and special. Single 'Brazil' follows with a poppy appeal, the swimming guitar lines all piling together sweetly. It's an orchestra of sweetness and though it has a poppy atmosphere it's a greatly channeled one all the same.

As the album moves along it never stays in one place for two long. 'Isombard' explodes to life with great synths and an explosive attitude that adds a lot of energy to the record. 'Paracetemol' is backed by electronics but mostly revolves around a curious vibe, 'Why Do You Feel So Down' placing a heavier focus on them as it dances sweetly. The beaten down melodies and sparkling vibes add an amazing sound to the record. Closing track 'Listen To Your Friends' ends the record on a sobering and beautiful orchestral note, rawly ending it off. The rawest and sweetest moment on the record has to be the end of the big anthem 'The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home' as McKenna presumably shows his music to some younger relatives. It's a skit that comes straight from home and it's just an incredibly sweet and fun moment.

Declan McKenns brings indie anthems in What Do You Think About The Car? and really smashes all conceptions of what it means to be a teenager with a dream in music. It's raw, it's big, and it doesn't care for fame. It cares for the message and not the image, which is something you can't ask for from a lot of even the most experienced artists. Declan McKenna has a great career ahead and we can't wait to see where it goes next.

Favorite Tracks: The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home, Humongous, Isombard, Brazil

Least Favorite Track: Make Me Your Queen

Rating: 88 / 100

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