Demi Lovato Loses Sight Of Her Sound In "Tell Me You Love Me"

Demi Lovato's powerful voice helped her spread some very important messages about love and self-worth. It's those qualities that made her a shining diamond in the world of selfish pop. Demi Lovato loses sight of her sound in Tell Me You Love Me, however, delving into that world.

Tell Me You Love Me is a pop album in the most definitive term. Catchy melodies, trendy sounds, and everything under the sun makes Tell Me You Love Me an album that at least has an infectious quality to it. 'Sorry Not Sorry' opens the album, and even if the title is a bit outdated (since the album is going for a trendy sound), it makes up for it with a funky delivery. Groove plays a key role in several tracks, the punchy title track 'Tell Me You Love Me' and 'Concentrate' but revolving around it. Other songs really go for sounds very present in today's pop stratosphere, such as the slow, wavy synths of 'Lonely' (which Lil Wayne truly just kills).

Staying trendy isn't necessarily a bad thing, but Lovato really seems to forget her power. A lot of the album is about sex, sometimes getting down to a cringey level (why does 'Daddy Issues' exist?). 'Sexy Dirty Love' fully channels Christina Aguilera, and while the delivery is great, there's not much of Demi's own person in the track. Her big, bombastic vocals paired with dramatic instrumentals are what defined her, and the only song that nails that sound is 'Cry Baby.' Even 'Only Forever' follows that sentiment, though it doesn't feel like it quite reaches a strong point. All the same, it's much more genuine than a lot of the album. It's hard to sing many praises when "I date men but you're acting like a little boy" is an actually sung line ('Games') and that messages you just can't support ruin what could've been good songs ('Ruin The Friendship').

Demo Lovato loses sight of her sound in Tell Me You Love Me, which is a areal shame. There is very little anthemic presence on this record, which is what Lovato's voice is built for. There's so much potential, but not enough of it is used.

Favorite Track: Cry Baby

Least Favorite Tracks: Daddy Issues, Lonely, Games

Rating: 66 / 100

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