Kodak Black Takes A Dark Turn In "Project Baby 2"

When we first reviewed Kodak Black back in March for his Painting Pictures album, we were not too impressed. In fact we were so unimpressed, it ended up being one of the worst albums of the year so far. Kodak Black takes a dark turn in Project Baby 2, his new mixtape that actually keeps things interesting.

Right off the get go you get that it's a chance of pace for Kodak. 'Versatile' brings the mixtape to a fantastic start, the dark and dreamy beat giving credence to the harsh and real merit in his lyrics. Unlike much of the rest of the genre, Kodak raps about something with emotion with words that really sound personal. 'Change My Ways' follows with a dark and paranoid sound that takes the realness of the beginning of the record even more real. The dark and moody atmosphere really does Kodak wonders.

That is until 'Misunderstood' comes in. Then you're back to old Kodak from there, unsatisfying lyrical content which beats we've all heard before. It's interesting how quickly things shift, 'Built My Legacy' with Offset being the last of the "good" tracks. You get to 'Up Late' and you're just wondering what happened to the more powerful lyrics from the beginning of the record. The darkness of 'Don't Wanna Breathe' and 'Unexplainable' that had meanings beyond them that said something of his character immediately just go away.

Kodak Black takes a dark turn in Project Baby 2, the better part of the record showing something about Kodak's character and inner thoughts rather than the flashy side he flaunts towards the end. It's a risky record for not having a real banger on it, but it makes up for it by tackling something that many artists today on the scene wouldn't.

Favorite Tracks: Versatile, Change My Ways

Least Favorite Tracks: Up Late, Misunderstoood

Rating: 70 / 100

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