Baths' "Romaplasm" Is Soothingly Romantic

Baths has always made music that used its atmosphere to build its depth. That's no different on his newest record. Baths' Romaplasm is soothingly romantic with its sweet songs and smooth textures.

Typically there isn't much going on in a Baths record, allowing you to hear everything all at once. It opens with 'Yeoman,' a fittingly sweet song to open the album. Baths sings about being smitten in the song, and that is wonderfully reflected in the song's sound. 'Extrasolar' follows up with a bumpier sound, not quite as smooth as before but still maintaining a sweet vibe to continue Baths' longing, romantic vibe.

Romaplasm is a pretty safe record for Baths, and even if its minimalistic tendencies are what defines him as an artist, it doesn't do much for the listener otherwise. Most of the songs revolve around some romantic theme, whether it be longing or critical. There aren't many songs that stand out above the rest, though - most songs really stick to one sound, sometimes a little more glitchy, sometimes a little less. 'Broadback' provides a big and more energetic ending to the record, and 'Adam Copies' brings an awesome instrumental to the table. Other than that, there's not much to comment on sonically.

Baths' Romaplasm is soothingly romantic, sweet lyrics and stories being supported by smooth and perky synths. There isn't much to the record sonically, so it may end up drifting into the background while you listen, but it does have its moments. It's Baths doing what he does best, so you know it can't go wrong.

Favorite Tracks: Adam Copies, Broadback

Least Favorite Track: Extrasolar

Rating: 70 / 100

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