The War On Drugs Creates Beautiful Atmosphere In "A Deeper Understanding"

The War On Drugs is a notable name in the world of indie, ever since their last album Lost In The Dream burst them into the limelight. Equipped with brilliant stories and tragic songs, The War On Drugs creates beautiful atmosphere in A Deeper Understanding, their enchanting fourth record.

There's a warmth about A Deeper Understanding that gives it its almost fairy-tale like sound. 'Up All Night' introduces the record with a glorious note, leading into a dreamy atmosphere and a strong build that climaxes in an array of synths and a guitar solo. This is a common theme throughout the record, but it's done in a tasteful way every time. 'Pain' follows with a same growth but with a sweeter build and more of an emotional outpour in the end. It's like the feeling of elation perfectly emulated through music.

A large part of A Deeper Understanding is its songwriting. Every song tells a story, and it pours into each song from every angle. The instrumentals build as much atmosphere as the lyrics do, and sometimes it feels like you're traveling through another world. The 11-minute epic 'Thinking Of A Place' feels like a journey through the band's minds, while 'Strangest Things' will have you feel like you're in the mountains overlooking a southern sunset. The warm build of 'You Don't Have To Go' brings the album out on a wholesome note, leaving you satisfied as the story comes to a figurative close.

The War On Drugs creates beautiful atmosphere in A Deeper Understanding, building amazing imagery from nothing but their instruments and minds. A Deeper Understanding takes you through stories of life and magic, bringing the two together in scenery you can only dream of. Perhaps it'll even inspire you to go out there and find those scenes yourself.

Favorite Track: Pain

Least Favorite Track: Clean Living

Rating; 75 / 100

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