Jim James Gets Intimate With "Tribute To 2"

A good, personal album reveals not only a lot about the artist, but quite a bit about yourself, too. Jim James gets intimate with Tribute To 2, a charming album with personality and a touch of nostalgia with it.

There's a certain familiarity in the sound of Tribute To 2 that helps it feel like a warm recollection. 'I Just Wasn't Made For These Times' enters the record on a chill and endearing note, James admitting that the times are moving too fast for him to keep up with sometimes. There's a love of the old-school present throughout the record, such as on 'Love Is The Sweetest Thing' with it's tinnier production and nostalgic sense. 'Blue Skies,' the record's closing song, ends the record on an aesthetic, bluesy note, taking things out with a similarly vintage sound the rest of the album toys with.

The stories of the songs are what establish the real personal connections in Tribute To 2. James pleads above pretty piano in a heartbreaking way on 'Baby Don't Go,' begging a partner to stay and continue to be the only stability he's ever known. The peaceful sound of 'Wild Honey' continues to sonically carry the sound ahead, leading to a sweeter story in 'Funny How Time Slips Away.' This song sees James reconnecting with someone from the past, in such a way that it feels like everything has changed yet there's still that familiarity.

Jim James gets intimate with Tribute To 2, offering up a personal recollection of some of life's finer moments. There's a lot of experience, nostalgia, and optimism in this record, and it'll have you thinking about more than just James.

Favorite Track: Baby Don't Go

Least Favorite Track: Lucky Man

Rating: 73 / 100

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