Foster The People's Alternative Sound Spirals Out In "Sacred Hearts Club"

Foster The People aren't really the band you think of when you think of a band trying something new, but the 'Pumped Up Kicks' rockers have really taken a new step in an experimental direction. Even though at times it doesn't always work out, Foster The People's alternative sound spirals out in Sacred Hearts Club into something catchy and unique all the same.

Right from the start, Sacred Hearts Club opens with something pretty interesting. 'Pay The Man' has a punchy, almost old-school hip-hop intro as the mysterious instrumental kicks in, the vocal melodies packed with haunting harmonies to make the song feel very uneasy. A lot of the song almost feels a bit cluttered, but by the end it eases out into something easier to swallow. 'Doing It For The Money' brings the aggressive drive back but keeps things easy to handle with very approachable melodies. 'Sit Next To Me' is similar with its laidback, alternative groove.

Things get much more risky towards the end. While 'Lotus Eater' brings in an indie rocker vibe, immediately after it comes 'Time To Get Closer' which moves along freely before 'Loyal Like Sid & Nancy' comes in with something completely different. The EDM inspired beat follows challenging lyrics that shout some pretty bombastic lyrics like "The criminals are laughing with their empty, toothless faces / We melted all our gold to recommence our idol worship / We all pretend one day we'll be the greatest of the Gatsbys / Growling mouths with rabies and loyal like Sid and Nancy" above the very unique instrumental. 'Harden The Paint' follows with the club vibes but takes on a more sensual note, which still changes the pace for the band.

Foster The People's alternative sound spirals out in Sacred Hearts Club, bringing some unique sounds to the table and stepping out of their comfort zone. It's not a perfect album and it definitely comes with its rough patches, but any album that steps outside your comfort zone with good quality is a great one.

Favorite Track: Loyal Like Sid & Nancy

Least Favorite Track: Lotus Eater

Rating: 76 / 100

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