Gucci Mane Continues Delivering Material With "Dropwoptop"

No one in hip-hop has been quite as busy as Gucci Mane has been over the last year. He's had dozens of features and released plenty of solo work, including his last record, the holiday-themed The Return Of The East Atlanta Santa, his output clocking up to be over a hundred releases overall. Gucci Mane continues delivering material with Dropwoptop, but there is admittedly a lack of quality in it.

The album begins with its strongest run, the moderate roll of '5 Million Intro' bringing the record to a smooth start. Nothing too fast, nothing too aggressive, but just a little too flashy to be a great track. The synths and beat are great, though, as Gucci raps about his successes. 'Tho' follows through with a great beat and synth, its flow strong and its sound just generally cool.

The rest of this record is essentially normal Gucci Mane, which actually is a problem, considering how much material he's released. A big problem with releasing so much material is just how different all of the songs are - if the sound varies from release to release with something interesting going on in at least parts of the album, then it's a-ok. When everything sounds the same, you're left with a lot of average tracks that just don't do anyone any justice. It even sounds like he's cashing it in with songs like 'Helpless,' the dark beat absolutely ruined by the cringeworthy delivery of the hook. The same is true of 'Hurt A Nigga Feelings' that tries way too hard to sound relevant - that also happens in 'Met Gala' with Offset.

The quality of Dropwoptop just doesn't justify another release. There's nothing new offered up, even if some sounds are good. 'Dance With The Devil' has promise, for example, but even Gucci sounds tired of his own flow. The lyrics are all the same, revolving around three main ideas: fame, fortune, or bitches. Variation is not only necessary for the audience, but for the artist, too. It assures that they don't get comfortable, because what you end up with is a subpar output.

Gucci Mane continues delivering material with Dropwoptop but without much quality. It's the same as any other Gucci release over the last year. The significance of the album dropping on the one-year anniversary of his release form prison gets lost in the fact that nothing about him has changed sonically. If he wants to keep popping out new music, he needs to change some things up, and quick.

Favorite Track: Tho

Least Favorite Tracks: everything after 'Tho'

Rating: 50 / 100

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