Kasabian's New Album "For Crying Out Loud" Isn't Particularly Impressive

Kasabian is a band known for their groove. Their past hits have been signature tracks with loads of drive and a powerful sense of their rhythm. Things seem to have taken a turn down the wrong road for them, however. If you can't tell from that album cover, Kasabian's new album For Crying Out Loud isn't particularly impressive.

Kasabian hit the absolute bare standard on a lot of this record. 'You're In Love With A Psycho' has literally nothing to it. It's just a standard rock track with the run-of-the-mill lyrics and passages. Some tracks later on in the record at least have some nicer melodies and some meat to them, like 'Bless This Acid House' and its upbeat tone. The album even ends on a pretty average acoustic number, 'Put Your Life Into It.' It's a standard indie rock song with a country tinge to it. Nothing interesting going on at the end of it all.

The album does have its brief moments of righteousness. 'Comeback Kid' is the only thoroughly enjoyable track on the record, the track being driven with great melodies and fantastic use of brass accentuations. Other tracks that have some cool things going on in them include 'Sixteen Blocks' with its sense of character and the guitar melodies in 'Ill Ray (The King)' despite its terrible lyrics.

For Crying Out Loud just feels like it wasn't complete. These bunch of songs barely has anything to show for itself. There are only brief moments of redeemability throughout its entire playtime, and few tracks feel like they have any meet to them. It even gets downright annoying sometimes, like when the vocals just don't stop annoyingly chanting in 'Twentyfourseven' atop the entirely jagged song. Nothing is done right there.

Kasabian's new album For Crying Out Loud isn't particularly impressive. It has its moments, but its largely just a weakly standard indie record. Not only is it bad as a standalone album, but it's painful considering how much potential Kasabian has shown in the past. There's a lot missing here that unfortunately never makes up for itself.

Favorite Track: Comeback Kid

Least Favorite Tracks: Are You Looking For Action?, Put Your Life On It, Ill Ray (The King)

Rating: 60 / 100

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