Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Deliver Powerful, Rocking Record "Modern Ruin"

It's always nice to hear a fresh voice in a genre you love (or hate). Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes provide a powerful, fresh, and rocking new record with their sophomore album Modern Ruin that's sure to get you jamming.

The band's debut album Blossom was much punkier and abrasive than this record is. Gone, for the most part, are the edgy riffs and raspy, angst ridden vocal deliveries from their previous album. They're promptly replaced by cleaner, more alternative sounds that do seem to fit the band better. Right from the get-go you're faced with a sweeter sound than you may expect with 'Bluebelle,' a short and sweet lo-fi folk track that introduces the record. 'Lullaby' kicks in to bring more energy into the record to get it to a driven start, it's chugging riffs and soaring melodies creating huge atmosphere and epic vibes.

There's a very cowboy rock essence in this record, primarily giving the record a bluesy disposition while still maintaining energy and momentum. 'Vampires' introduces the poppier rock vibes with its southern riffs and dark melodies. The same vibes can be found even more intrinsically in 'Real Life,' its rolling riffs and big choruses promising a driven and fun track.

Modern Ruin hits both ends of the spectrum in terms of emotion. The band hasn't completely abandoned their hardcore roots - a brief burst of unbridled energy, although feeling insignificant in the grand scheme of the album, is released in 'Jackals' with all the angsty Green Day flair. The title track rings with an alternative riff to begin, but immediately brings in huge aggression and anger that this album hadn't channelled before. Earlier on the record is 'Snake Eyes,' a sort of bridge between the lighter sound and the more aggressive tones on the record. The verses are light with Arctic Monkeys-esque delivery in the vocals, but the choruses are big and angry. Emotions become more condensed in tracks like 'Thunder,' a slowly building track with rage that slowly becomes more and more clear to the narrator. Final track 'Neon Rust' also offers an emotional aspect to the record, it's entirely slow build giving the album a slow but sweet ending.

There's a new storm brewing, and it's in Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes' powerful, rocking record Modern Ruin. It's a refreshing sound in the huge genre of rock. Full of emotional, energetic, and powerful songs, this record finds its momentum and keeps it. It's not perfect but it's a solid record nonetheless. The potential for something huge is here.

Favorite Tracks: Snake Eyes, Lullaby, Thunder

Least Favorite Track: Jackals

Rating: 79 / 100

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