Fifth Harmony Sing About The Only Thing They Know Of In "Fifth Harmony"

Fifth Harmony has had a pretty tumultuous time after Camila Cabello left the group, but they've bounced back confidently. That doesn't mean they keep diversity rolling, though. Fifth Harmony sing about the only thing they know of in Fifth Harmony: love.

Singing about love usually isn't a bad thing, especially when done right. There are plenty of strong, emotional songs like 'Don't Say You Love Me' and 'Make You Mad' that express real emotions that you can really feel with each word. It's these songs that give the album some of its emotional strength. Sonically, there are few songs with a very notable instrumental (lead single 'Down' with Gucci Mane really being one of the only bombastic ones), but its the meanings that really will stay with you.

The problem with Fifth Harmony is that a lot of the songs feel like they have recycled meanings. It gets to the point that the music is almost downright boring. It's sonically pleasing but there's no punch or depth. You get to the end of the album, the uplifting message of closing track 'Bridges' being one of the only songs that strays from the idea of love. 'Angel' sees a more "take yourself back" sort of vibe and 'Messy' explores the sadder side of things, but overall it sort of loses quality. You can only play off of a certain idea for so long.

Fifth Harmony sing about the only thing they know of in FIfth Harmony, and for better or for worse, they really just beat it to death. It's good they understand their feelings but it feels a bit one-dimensional. Any good album needs to experience different things, if not different ideas of a topic. Fifth Harmony doesn't hit it.

Favorite Track: Don't Say You Love Me

Least Favorite Track: Sauced Up

Rating: 68 / 100

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