Baio Brings The 80's Back To Life In "Man Of The World"

Everyone's a sucker for some 80's pop, and when it meets a modern front, great things can happen... if done right. That's a problem some artists have when trying to create that fusion, but Baio knows just how to. Baio brings the 80s back to life in Man Of The World.

Baio, full name Christ Baio, is more well-known for his work as guitarist in Vampire Weekend, but his solo career has some fruitful gems hidden in it. Man Of The World is introduced with 'Vin Mariani,' an anthemic track with a loud personality. You can tell right off the bat that Baio is fully confident in his sound, and that makes it all the more powerful. The epic build in the bridge makes the song a huge opener. There's an almost playful attitude expressed in other tracks like 'Out Of Tune' that really give the record a sense of character.

The 80's elements come in just right on the record, first and most notably in 'PHILOSOPHY!' The claps and bright synths paired with the funky guitar and brass punches really give it a nostalgic vibe, the vocals low and sensitive. 'DANGEROUE ANIMAL' channels Martin Gore in its synth arpeggios and dramatic vocal delivery, electronica becoming a very important element of the track and album. Closing track 'Be Mine' is similar, though the modern era is much more present here.

This album isn't too afraid to try something new, either. The most experimental moment is the off-beat rhythm of 'The Key Is Under The Mat,' the joyful instrumental coming in and out as the beat pushes ahead. A lot of the record is admittedly not very memorable in terms of impact, but there's no track that ends up dragging the record down. It's overall pretty pleasant, but not many songs will leave you wanting to come back.

Baio brings the 80's back to life in Man Of The World, the record packed with a bunch of fun tunes and a recognizable personality. It's enjoyable and though there's not a lot that'll make you want to come back to it, you can definitely savor the album in the moment.

Favorite Track: Vin Mariani

Least Favorite Track: Exquisite Interlude

Rating: 70 / 100

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