Coldplay's New "Kaleidoscope" EP Is A Step In The Right Direction

Coldplay aren't the first thing you think of when you think of a band that has released important music, but Chris Martin and co. and here to prove you wrong. Coldplay's new Kaleidoscope EP is a step in the right direction for the band and has a lot of powerful and great tracks that show a promising new era for the band.

Coming out of the A Head Full Of Dreams era, there are some influences from the album on this EP. 'Miracles (Someone Special)' has a very poppy sound, the drum production very solid and the instrumental very sweet. The guitars ring joyously as the song progresses providing for a very funky mood. The song isn't the greatest on the record (Big Sean's feature really doesn't add anything to the track and the second half of it suffers from that), but it's a solid one nonetheless. A live version of their song with The Chainsmokers, 'Something Just Like This,' performed in Tokyo is included with an emphasis on the band to give it a breath of new life. Closing track 'Hypnotised' brings the EP on a soothing note, the curious instrumental gently leaving the EP off on a calm note.

There are some very, very powerful tracks on this record all the same as there are some less-risky ones. Opening track 'All I Can Think About Is You' brings a very Radiohead sounding track, a great and prominent bassline providing drive to the epic build the track has. 'A L I E N S' is one of the strongest and most important songs this band has ever released, the beautifully composed song singing about refugees escaping their war-torn homes in search for somewhere they can be safe, but along the way they find the faces of those who don't want them in their land. With the world's political climate, this song really stands out for it comes from the perspective of the refugees rather than being a song that's simply about them. The otherworldly instrumental gives the song an even deeper perspective on the situation, giving context to just how hard it is for refugees in our own world.

Coldplay's new Kaleidoscope EP is a step in the right direction and really puts the band on a new level. If A Head Full Of Dreams had a child with a slightly less ambitious Viva La Vida, you'd get this EP. There are some very powerful tracks on this EP, and it looks as if Coldplay has a very strong new era ahead of them.

Favorite Tracks: A L I E N S, All I Can Think About Is You

Least Favorite Track: Miracles (Someone Special)

Rating: 90 / 100

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