The Lurking Fear Brings Unrelenting Force In "Out Of The Voiceless Grave"

Put swift, chugging riffs, blast beats galore, and growled vocals altogether and keep it rolling for forty minutes and you have The Lurking Fear's new album. Filled to the brim with what defines metal's stereotype, The Lurking Fear brings unrelenting force in Out Of The Voiceless Grave.

If you needed some metal music as you'd typically imagine someone who's never listened to the genre would think of it, The Lurking Fear has you covered. Now, just because it's what you'd describe as typical doesn't mean it's bad; it's quite the contrary, as Out Of The Voiceless Grave is a good example of the genre. Opening up calmly with titular instrumental 'Out Of The Voiceless Grave,' the album quickly bursts into its aggressive nature with 'Vortex Spawn' quickly and abruptly changing the pace of the album.

The face that it is a pretty standard metal record does leave a lot to be desired. One main complain about it is that it really clings on to one idea for its entirety. By the time you reach the halfway marker, somewhere around 'Tongued With Foul Flame,' you really feel like you've heard this exact same track not a few songs ago. That's not a sentiment that really goes away, either. You're left feeling that way the entire record. There's no soft parts for dynamic effect or any crushing breakdowns either. It's just blast beats and growled vocals from start to end for each song.

The Lurking Fear brings unrelenting force in Out Of The Voiceless Grave, and though it gets lost in one idea that it seems afraid of straying from, it stands as a decent example of metal. It's pretty much the stereotype of the genre but it holds its ground all the same. Had it been more risky it could've really been something great.

Favorite Track: The Infernal Dread

Least Favorite Track: Vortex Spawn

Rating: 60 / 100

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