Toro y Moi Builds Ethereal Soundscapes In "Boo Boo"

Music can always bring out even the deepest and darkest emotions within you. Sometimes it's really the atmosphere of an album that can really reel you in, and that's exactly what Toro y Moi manages to do with his new music. Paired with situational lyrics, Toro y Moi builds ethereal soundscapes in Boo Boo.

Boo Boo isn't an album about making a big stand. The focus of the album is to capture you in the sound and keep you chilled while occasionally tugging at your heart. When 'Mirage' opens the record, it's immediately very capturing with its mysterious intro synth. The curiosity it sparks holds you for the rest of the album, right to the very end where Toro y Moi cries out against the world in 'W.I.W.W.T.W.' that takes the album out on a similar note as how it started, a cool outro bringing the album out on an otherworldly note.

The best moments on the album are the ones that combine atmosphere with meaning. The spiraling moments of 'Pavement' are one thing, but the song that really captures the essence of the whole album is 'Labrynth.' The song tells a story of being in love, but the person you love is caught in between him and another person, all behind a very beautiful and somewhat lost atmosphere. Everything about the song hits home (especially for me right now, unfortunately) and will hit your heart whether you like it or not.  If you're thrown into sadness, don't worry because the fat and funky basslines of 'Inside My Head' will lift your spirits with lots of groove to spare.

Toro y Moi builds ethereal soundscapes in Boo Boo and manages to craft stories out of the alien noises. It's an album that shouldn't hit you hard but really does, especially if you're going through what the lyrics describe. It's a trip through your mind and heart, but in the deepest places you might not even known have existed.

Favorite Tracks: Labrynth, Inside My Head

Least Favorite Track: Don't Try

Rating: 76 / 100

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