Best Of February 2019

2019 is continuing to barrel down with powerful records and songs being released every week. January saw the likes of Bring Me The Horizon to American Football unleashing new music to the masses, and February was no different. Here are our favorite selections from February 2019.

Broods - Don’t Feed The Pop Monster

When recording their new album, Broods set out on a mission: to offer the most pure and honest experience they could. Their third studio record Don’t Feed The Pop Monster is just that. Indie pop textures meet Broods’ personalities, tracks such as the dejected opener ‘Sucker‘ and the curious ‘Why Do You Believe Me?‘ adding character to the record. The creative liberties Broods take really amplify the record: indie anthem ‘Peach‘ adds climactic determination in the face of despair, while ‘To Belong‘ brings a driving downbeat and a unique atmosphere that perfectly complements the darkness of ‘Everytime You Go.’ Broods approaches their sincerest emotions in a calculated and dynamic matter, making Don’t Feed The Pop Monster such an effective album.

Favorite Tracks: Peach, To Belong, Everytime You Go, Why Do You Believe Me?
Least Favorite Track: Hospitalized
Rating: 79 / 100

Boy Harsher - Careful

Nostalgia is a powerful tool in music, yet its possibilities are seemingly endless. Massachusetts duo Boy Harsher‘s modern take on 80s new wave in their sophomore release Careful certainly sees nostalgia used in a unique way. ‘Face The Fire‘ perfectly captures the band’s goals with this record, showing their prowess of the 80s aesthetic while still delivering drama and drive all the same. Careful is generally dark, Boy Harsher diving into some of the more sensual, serious sides of life with opener ‘Keep Driving‘ and ‘Come Closer.’ Despite this, Boy Harsher sound alive in their music, punchier and fun tracks like ‘LA‘ and ‘Lost‘ showing that they’re ready for adventure, and even more ready to face the world with their music.

Favorite Tracks: LA, Face The Fire, Tears, Keep Driving
Least Favorite Track: Fate
Rating: 82 / 100

Life throws new problems at us every day, and it can be hard to keep up with it all. Luckily, Said The Whale have provided the perfect soundtrack to face life with optimism and energy with their new record Cascadia. With warm, energetic tracks like ‘Wake Up‘ and ‘Shame‘ to boot, Said The Whale approach the difficulties of everyday life with hope and hopefully inspire you to do the same. There are plenty of sides to the record that keep things fresh and unique, while still relatable: sweeter tracks including ‘Love Don’t Ask‘ and ‘Old Soul, Young Heart‘ tell more romantic stories, while title track ‘Cascadia‘ and ‘UnAmerican‘ have a punkier, call-to-arms attitude. The record ends with the beautifully building ‘Moonlight,’ the track beginning dejectedly before growing wonderfully by the end. Whether it’s been a long day or a tough period in life, Said The Whale will give you the energy to push ahead.

Favorite Tracks: Wake Up; Moonlight; Old Soul, Young Heart
Least Favorite Track: Love Always
Rating: 77 / 100

Copeland - Blushing

The only way to really describe the sound of Copeland‘s new record Blushing is as a dream. A euphoric, introspective, reflective dream. Ethereal synths and crystalline vocals embody Blushing, atmosphere and melodies combining in perfect ways throughout the record, from the beautiful ‘Lay Here‘ to the blissful climax that is ‘Waltz On Water.’ Giant atmospheres seem to consume you in their grandiose, wrapping you into tracks like ‘Colorless‘ and the slow introductory track ‘Pope.’ The amount of heartbreak and hope that goes into every track on Blushing makes every track an emotional masterpiece: ‘Strange Flower‘ tells a pained story, where its chorus explains “Every time you see her now you drift off... All at once you're overcome, you get lost... In an endless spin you're only looking for her,“ though the dreamy jazz of ‘Suddenly‘ return to a sense of wonder that propel you deeper into an emotional abyss. Blushing is the encapsulation of Copeland’s deepest hopes, dreams, and emotions, presented in a beautiful, uncompromising form.

Favorite Tracks: Colorless, On Your Worst Day, Waltz On Water, Strange Flower, Suddenly
Least Favorite Track: It Felt So Real
Rating: 97 / 100

Few bands can claim as notable a throne as progressive rock legends Dream Theater can. Between massive concept albums and even bigger tracks, Dream Theater have risen to every occasion. The band step away from the complexities of their more conceptual records and focus more on delivering energy in the ways they know how to in their new record Distance Over Time. Dream Theater dig deep into their heavier side on this record, delivering massive tracks in the form of bustling drums, massive riffs, and larger than life vocals. ‘Room 137‘ and ‘Paralyzed‘ wholly embody this energy, exploding with riffs and power, while tracks like ‘S2n‘ are almost ridiculously powerful and electrifying. Though the focus isn’t necessarily on structure or complexity, Dream Theater don’t mind experimenting with different sounds to achieve different moods. The uplifting instrumental ‘Barstool Warrior‘ is in stark comparison with the dark opener ‘Untethered Angel,’ which also differs from the multi-parted ‘Fall Into The Light.’ Distance Over Time goes to show that even when they’re not attempting to dazzle with their prowess, Dream Theater can’t help but deliver a massive, engaging effort.

With February behind us, it’s time to keep looking ahead for timeless new records. Let us know what albums you are most looking forward to coming out in the following months, and what you’re favorite records of February were!

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