Asking Alexandria Makes Melodies Soar In "Asking Alexandria"

Post-hardcore has shifted with the times throughout the years, becoming the more alternative, pop-based genre it is today. Asking Alexandria have ben a staple name in the genre for some time now, their last record, 2016's The Black, being one of the band's most alternative takes yet. They're back again and taking that sound a step further. Asking Alexandria makes melodies soar in Asking Alexandria, their eponymous new record that seems a stronger focus on vocals and electronics.

The band throws you right into the new focus with 'Alone In A Room,' the catchy melodies with the thick chorus guitars sounding pretty groovy. It's a decent start to the album, though there are moments where there seems to be a disconnect (especially in the 2nd verse). 'Into The Fire' follows up with a cool synth, but overall a pretty unimpressive delivery (the bridge is a bit of a mess, too). The band brings in the signature edginess of the genre in 'Hopelessly Hopeful,' though the very nice melodies help you look beyond the clichéd lyrics. The same is true for 'Rise Up,' though with a little more intensity. 'I Am One' brings it all together in the way the wish they did, bringing ferocious screams and incorporating melody just right.

Asking Alexandria do bring a lot of their older elements into the mix, as well, though most of the time it feels like it's laced with the new, such as closing track 'Room 138,' which takes the album out on a pretty safe but solid note. Not every attempt is a big hit, though. There are many iffy moments on the record, such as 'Empire,' featuring Soundcloud rapper Bingx. It's just a combination that doesn't work out too well. 'When The Lights Come On' essentially sounds like a heavy version of Fall Out Boy, though with more disjointed choruses at its side. 'Vultures' is the most unique track on the record, and a sound that really begs to be expanded upon. The acoustic sound paired with Danny Worsnop's tortured, raspy vocals sounds just right, yet it's not really explored well enough on the record. There's a lot of chances taken, but not all of them hit.

Asking Alexandria makes melodies soar in Asking Alexandria, experimenting with new sounds and progressing their alternative sound again. There are a lot more risks taken on this record, but many of them don't make a big connection. The band does, however, bring in some great melodies into the fray that prevents the album from being just another boring post-hardcore record.

Favorite Tracks: Vultures, I Am One

Least Favorite Tracks: Empire, Into The Fire

Rating: 70 / 100

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