Ugly God Exemplifies Everything Wrong With The Hip-Hop Scene In "The Booty Tape"

There are things that are okay, and there are things that are not. Modern hip-hop is slowly becoming a meme caught up in its own cockiness, and in releases like this one, it's painfully evident why. Ugly God exemplifies everything wrong with the hip-hop scene in The Booty Tape.

When all you have to rap about is sex, you really have to question if you have the capabilities of being a rapper. If you want to rap about it in a few songs, go for it. It's not as if any rapper will do any less. If that's all you have? That's a sorry scene. Ugly God barely raps about anything else but getting laid on The Booty Tape, leading to some truly awful lines, especially in 'I'm A Nasty Hoe,' which boasts the lines: "Face, Titties, Booty, and Toes / What I'm eating for lunch / Sit upon my face baby, I ain't ate vagina in months / I'ma dip your titties in Koolaid baby watch how I lick it up."

There are few moments that are legitimately creative on this mixtape. The only moment I can say I actually enjoyed was the line about the Hash-slinging Slasher in 'Bitch!' 'Fuck Ugly God' was entertaining in the wrong ways, essentially being a lesser version of Jay-Z's 'Fuck Jay-Z.' Nothing new but all the same, anyone that shouts "fuck Ugly God" is doing something right. The Booty Tape feels like an amalgamation of trends that have no place in the hip-hop industry, such as the YouTube-level diss track that 'Stop Smoking Black & Milds' attempts to be. And if I have to hear that annoying "thanks Ugly God" sample one more time, I swear...

Ugly God exemplifies everything wrong with the hip-hop scene in The Booty Tape, a low-class, tasteless mixtape that is overly cocky and not at all invigorating or creative. It's sex or pointless jabs at someone or something atop lazy beats and boring production. What happened to quality hip-hop? Even some of more notable trap rap artists are doing things right. Why can't the new wave channel that, too? Even the meme of 'Water' can't drag this one back to the surface.

Favorite Track: Fuck Ugly God

Least Favorite Track: I'm A Nasty Hoe

Rating: 20 / 100

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