Kauan's "Kaiho" Is Ambience In A Beautiful Form

Ambient music is something that's really hard to nail. You have to create an atmosphere and really stay true to it. Russian project Kauan have managed to really bring a mysterious sound together over the years. Kauan's Kaiho is ambience in a beautiful form, soothingly washing over you as it goes.

Kaiho is a pretty simple album, with many tracks pretty much falling under a pattern. Opening track 'Lapsenmuisto' has a confident and dark build, the sound coming out beautifully as synths gently come over you. The gentleness of the instrumental really plays throughout the entire record, female vocals coming in to add an extra heavenly sense. 'Siiville Nouso' is one of the first songs to utilize that element, and it's a beautiful mix.

While Kaiho may not be the most diverse or even interesting record, it's still a sweet album to sit back and just take in. 'Sateen Huuhtoma' is one of the more interesting songs on the record, the beautiful sound returning and the build anthemic to add a different texture to the record's sound palette. The build is perfect, confidence brewing and you can feel a rising sense of determination rising within you. Even if every track isn't like this, there's nothing genuinely unlistenable. It's smooth when it's not trying something different, and when it's trying something different, it's succeeding. You just wish there was more of the latter.

Kauan's Kaiho is ambience in a beautiful form. It's not overbearing, but serene and relaxing, beautiful scenery accompanying every chord. You can fall into a trance with this album, while finding peace all the same.

Favorite Track: Sateen Huuhtoma

Least Favorite Track: Poissa

Rating: 70 / 100

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