London Grammar Bring A Dark Tone In "Truth Is A Beautiful Thing"

London Grammar made it big with their 2013 debut, and now they're back for more. With a big, encompassing atmosphere and moody melodies, London Grammar brings a dark tone in Truth Is A Beautiful Thing.

The most striking part of Truth Is A Beautiful Thing is undoubtedly its atmosphere. London Grammar builds around a similar sense of emptiness in every track, though each moment is shadowed in a different light. Opening track 'Rooting For You' has a soulful yet big feel in its subtlety, while also having an uplifting vibe to it, much like 'Bones Of Ribbon' later on in the record (which has a busier instrumental). Warmth surrounds 'Big Picture,' but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a big sound with it.

The darker numbers on the album are the defining moments, however. The somber keyboard and slow moving sounds of 'Wild Eyed' are some of the first sounds that really grab your attention. The ghastly vocals that reverberate off into infinity are just so captivating. The dreamy textures of 'Hell To The Liars' accomplishes the same feat, as well as the beautiful harmonies of 'Non Believer.' Everything echoes off into oblivion in a beautiful way on this record.

London Grammer bring a dark tone in Truth Is A Beautiful Thing, and even though it's not an entirely climactic album, its atmosphere is very powerful. Its another successful record for the band, but hopefully in their third effort, they will bring out a more powerful climax to make their songs really stand out.

Favorite Tracks: Wild Eyed, Non Believer

Least Favorite Track: Who Am I

Rating: 74 / 100