Explore Different Lands In Vermont's "II"

It's Valentine's Day, and what screams "love" more than experimental electronic? Most things, really. But regardless, the latest album from experimental electronic outfit VermontII, will have you exploring different lands that you couldn't dream of.

II is introduced on a sparkly note with 'Norderney,' a chill track that has a lot of changing parts. It is followed by the curious synths of 'Dschuna,' bouncing up and down throughout the track like a creature that's finding its way through space. Curious horn synths are the highlight of 'Gebirge,' as well, their mystery making the atmosphere ever more clear. It dreamily rises up and down throughout it's play time, as well, giving it a sense of motion.

What this album does a lot better than many other electronic experimental albums we've heard recently is that it actually has a sense of variation to it. There aren't many songs that sound similar to others - each song has it's own vibe that it owns and explores. For example, the mysterious vibes of 'Hallo Von Der Anderen Seite' aren't the same ones in the swampy sounds of 'Wanik.'

The thing about this album that does make it falter is that it does not have a sense of adventure. It explores sounds but doesn't make it exciting. You float by them all mechanically, taking the sights in but not interpreting them. That's where many albums seem to fail in this genre, they don't elaborate on what they aim to make you feel. There's not perfection in this genre, but often times there's glimmers of them within the undertones of the music.

Get ready to explore different lands in Vermont's II, but don't expect to feel impressed by them. The album takes you through a variety of different place, but the emotions they attempt to convey don't end up feeling very fulfilling. There's a glimmer of excellence, but it falls short.

Favorite Track: Norderney

Least Favorite Track: Chemtrails

Rating: 65 / 100

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