P!nk Puts Her Heart On Her Sleeve In "Beautiful Trauma"

P!nk isn't an artist who strays from telling the absolute truth. Her music has always been full of emotion and comes straight from the heart, and nothing's different today. P!nk puts her heart on her sleeve in Beautiful Trauma, one of her most telling albums yet.

P!nk's music has come a long way since she first started, and much like every other artist who started around when she did that's still going, it's much more pop-oriented. While some may not take that in stride, P!nk owns the sound. The more accessible sound doesn't detract from her powerful messages, either. Songs like 'What About Us' have that catchy warmness to them, but the messages speak beyond the surface: 'What About Us' somberly chants "What about all the times you said you had the answers? / What about all the broken happy ever afters? / What about all the plans that ended in disaster? / What about love? What about trust" during its chorus. Eminem joins 'Revenge,' a fun track about getting back at an ex, giving it edge while still maintaining a tight flow on the silly beat.

You truly feel pain in P!nk's words on many of the songs. P!nk sings about wishing to return to the days before things got so difficult in 'Barbies,' the song telling a story like an Ed Sheeran track, complete with its acoustic guitar serving as the main lead. The dark pop melodies of 'Secrets' adds dimension to the track in the sonic aspect of it as well. The harmonies and melodies are so satisfying, while the lyrics continue to tell an incredibly personal story. Every aspect of P!nk's music has emotion packed into it.

P!nk puts her heart on her sleeve in Beautiful Trauma, continuing to evolve and change as an artist while staying true to herself. The music is powerful, and the messages even more so. So really, it's just another successful outing for P!nk.

Favorite Tracks: Secrets, What About Us, Revenge

Least Favorite Track: For Now

Rating: 80 / 100

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