Cigarettes After Sex Deliver Genuine Emotion In Debut Self-Titled Record

Capturing emotion at its purest moment is a challenging feat. That's what ambient pop outfit Cigarettes After Sex attempt to manifest in their music, and they achieve great results. Cigarettes After Sex deliver genuine emotion in their debut self-titled record Cigarettes After Sex.

The most striking element of Cigarettes After Sex's music is the atmosphere. There music tries to embody exactly what their name entails: the intimate yet reflective moments after a passionate experience with someone you love. There's a consistent sweetness throughout the record, evident in every single song (especially 'Sweet,' as you may expect). 'Flash' has a particularly sweet sound, and though its vibe is overall more moody, it definitely carries the same emotional mushiness that much of the record does. Moodiness does factor in, though; the doom jazz vibe of 'Each Time You Fall In Love' makes the song feel like a Bohren & Der Club Of Gore track with vocals, and that can only mean good things. 

Vocals, melodies, and lyrics are the entire other part of what makes this record great. The chill vibes of opening track 'K' paired with the sweet lyrics make for a great track to open the album on, as it really represents everything the record embodies. Melodies are the highlight of 'Sunsetz,' as they are just so infectious that its impossible to forget them. The gentle nature of the lyrics also helps bolster their floating vibe. 'Sweet' and its sweet textures are embodied entirely by its genuine lyrics (something's just so pure about the ending lines of the first verse that go "You know that I'm obsessed with your body / But it's the way you smile that does it for me").

Cigarettes After Sex deliver genuine emotion in their debut self-titled record. It's impossible to not feel like your trapped in a blissful insomnia, cuddled up with someone important to you as you continue to stare off into your mind's warmest memories. The vintage sound is restrained, but the emotions run free and will play with your heart in all the right ways. 

Favorite Tracks: Sweet, Sunsetz, K

Least Favorite Track: Young & Dumb

Rating: 77 / 100

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