On The Anniversary Of His Death, Prince's "Deliverance" EP Offers New Tracks

It's been a year since we sadly lost the musical legend Prince. His music stood as a lighthouse in the world of R&B and rock, his signature sound like none other and immortal to everyone who hears it. On the anniversary of his death, Prince's Deliverance EP offers new tracks that provide a brief glimpse into some of his never-before heard works.

While Deliverance is a relatively short EP, it packs a pretty significant punch. It opens with the soulful sound of 'Deliverance' with a dreamy atmosphere and infectious guitars. A choir chants reverently as the song is brought in, the verses featuring some bluesy guitar and Prince's higher register and organs. The choruses are big, guitar chords big and drums driving. The end is huge with the choir and Prince coming together as the guitar solo rings brightly and loud. The punchier 'I Am' follows up, a much rockier track with a killer solo and funky riffs.

There's a reason these tracks weren't ever released, though. Deliverance is a nice EP, but it definitely has a sense of being incomplete. Many of the tracks just feel like they have somewhere else to develop in and that they weren't ready to see the light. Of course, that's to be expected since Prince obviously isn't here today to ever finish up these tracks. The songs like 'Touch Me' and 'Sunrise' are solid tracks but definitely have more to them. What is presented to us are the skeletons of tracks that could've been something great.

While Prince is no longer with us, his music will live on forever. His classics are here to stay, and so is his soul. The anniversary of his death is marked with the Deliverance EP that offers new tracks that never made it to the studio albums. Some songs could have used a bit more work, but anything we can get from his vault is worth it. Better something than nothing.

Favorite Tracks: Deliverance, I Am

Least Favorite Track: No One Else

Rating: 73 / 100