A$AP Twelvyy Conforms To The Standard On "12"

I've said it before and I'll said it again: much of today's rap is boring. Some trap rappers have risen the occasion and made worthwhile music, while others have been clawing at scraps for a long time. A$AP Twelvyy conforms to the standard on 12, his debut album that just doesn't make it seem like he has much of a future ahead.

My main gripe with the scene of rap currently is that lyrically it's all just the same and the gimmicks keep repeating time and time again. There really isn't anything new that pushes the outlook of the rap scene on 12. It's all things we've heard before. The wasted time in skits, lyrics about living in the hood or about girls and money, and many lifeless beats below a lackluster delivery. There are very few things on this record that stand out as you go through it.

Sometimes, though, the vibes definitely come through. 'Castle Hell' opens the record nicely with a pretty cool instrumental, and while A$AP Twelvyy pretty much ruins it when he comes in, the vibe of the track at least opens the album up on a good note. The cool vibe continues in 'Strapped,' though it quickly gets old as its the same thing again and again with no changing moods. At the end of the record, 'Periodic Table' kicks it with a great instrumental. If the lyrics had any relevance to anything, it would've been a great song.

A$AP Twelvyy conforms to the standard on 12, offering up nothing special for the stale genre. This album is pretty laidback but for it to work out, you need to do something more than rap over repetitive beats and recruit your fellow A$AP crew to make something of the sound. Keep things interesting and don't add to the boring cloud of copycat rappers.

Favorite Track: Periodic Table

Least Favorite Tracks: Skits

Rating: 60 / 100

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