Chromadrift Explores Metallic Soundscapes In "Temporary Escape"

The principle of ambient / electronic music is that through a song or record, a certain place, or the idea of a place, is explored sonically. By whatever means that makes this possible, electronic music can come together with warm synths and noises to create vast new realms that sometimes our minds can't even begin to comprehend.

While not so mindboggling, Chromadrift explores metallic sounscapes in Temporary Escape, his thirteenth album to date. The album flies through different places, taking your mind on a calming journey through some faraway nirvana. There are moments when the album can feel run down, though, and a lot of it never really stands out as something too special.

The first half of the album remains relatively safe, exploring the same general sounds and idea. The chill, robotic noises of 'Escaping Earth' begins the record, fittingly documenting the start of this journey by sending you off into space. The next few tracks proceed accordingly, though instead of the wonder and excitement you'd think you'd feel traveling through space, the next few tracks feel like they embody emptiness. That's not necessarily a bad thing - that emptiness is beautiful and pristine, as the dark but pretty, spiraling synths of 'The Green Lights' offer. But there comes a point at which it does feel tired.

After the initial soothing nature of the record, it does get a bit boring. It's calming, but there's really nothing beyond that if you're looking for some new sounds or new places to explore in your mind. It all really ends up sounding the same, and you can never quite be sure if one track has ended and another one has begun. The intriguing titles don't really offer up much to the songs' soundscapes, as they all sound the same. The spacey vibes of 'Existence Is Futile,' for example, are nice and cool, but it's the same stuff you've been listening to for the twenty minutes prior.

The best moments on this record come at the end. 'Memory Is Dangerous' is the first track on the record that has legitimate drive to it and moving parts that create something interesting. The intro is pretty, the light beat providing some momentum, and then orchestras come in grandly and darkly, providing contrasts to the bright, innocent tones much of the rest of the record explored. Final track 'Is This The End...?' also explores a dark, moving theme that creates drama and actually makes your heart skip beats as if a climax to a movie was showing. Sadly, it all comes a bit too late as the album soon ends after these short flashes of promise.

Temporary Escape fell into the trap of ambient music of fearing to stray too far from one idea. It explored one idea far too much without many nuances to be found amongst track. The best songs came at the end, and just as things got good, it ended. Chromadrift delivered a soothing listen, but failed to incorporate much interest into it.

Favorite Tracks: Is This The End...?, Memory Is Dangerous

Least Favorite Tracks: Destroying Enemy Ships, Residual Haunt

Rating: 65 / 100