PVRIS Continue To Wear Their Hearts On Their Sleeves In "All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell"

There aren't many bands out there like PVRIS, and that goes deeper than just their sound. Their unique tone is as special as their powerful lyricism, and their ability to tell the darkest emotions in such pristine words. PVRIS continue to wear their hearts on their sleeves in All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell, their powerful and heartbreaking new album.

Much like White Noise, PVRIS has several themes throughout the album, most revolving around the various aspects of a relationship, most notably the aftermath of a broken one. Opening track and lead single 'Heaven' sets the scene with a fragile and beautiful note, the resonating piano chords and Lynn Gunn's longing vocals building into an anthemic and heartbreaking "you took my heaven away." 'Half' takes a different path, bringing more energy rather than restrained pain like 'Heaven.' The dark instrumental follows a driven drum beat and beautifully melodic vocals from Gunn, the song's choruses exploding in classic PVRIS fashion.

The lyrics are undoubtedly the strongest part of this record. There are some songs that aren't spectacular instrumentally, such as 'Separate,' but the lyrics tell such a powerful story (in this case, the song is about searching for someone to bring you back together after you've been broken apart) that it's impossible to knock it off as just another song. 'Anyone Else' is one of the most powerful songs on the record, Gunn even tweeting about how powerful the song is to her. The pre-chorus and chorus chant together: "'Cause I could touch a hundred thousand souls / But none of them would ever feel like home / And no matter how far and wide I roam / You are the only one that I'll ever know / I don't belong to anyone else," stating that no matter how many people her path may cross, there's this feeling that none of them will ever fill a place in her heart like her past relationship. 'What's Wrong' follows through in what kind of feels like the aftermath, the driven verses leading into epic choruses that moodily chant "I know it's so wrong but I'm so far gone / Don't need you to tell me I'm so cynical / Quit being so over-skeptical / Don't need a metaphor for you to know I'm miserable" as Gunn chants about letting her emotions out but being self-conscious about doing so.

You can feel every emotion on All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell in every song from beginning to end. The slow roll and beautiful vocals of 'Walk Alone' sounds just as somber as the soulful and almost upbeat ending of 'Nola 1' that leaves the record off on a forward looking sound and a inward looking message. 'Same Soul' is an incredibly powerful song, the verses holding back before the choruses explode with aggression and anger as if she's begging to be more than "I'm just somebody that you used to know." 'No Mercy' takes on a more spiraling and chaotic sound to begin, becoming a signature anthem for PVRIS as Gunn sings about trying to escape a messy situation following a breakup, innocently chanting "there's blood in the water" before exploding into a powerful chorus.

PVRIS continue to wear their hearts on their sleeves in All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell and make another masterpiece. PVRIS' formula is something that guarantees a perfect output: every note, every word, every melody, and every emotion comes directly from their hearts and deepest fears and from the furthest corners of their mind where any other artist would dare not peak. No other artist can capture such painful emotions in an understandable way like PVRIS does, and their sophomore album is the undeniable proof.

Favorite Tracks: What's Wrong, Anyone Else, No Mercy, Same Soul, Half

Least Favorite Track: Walk Alone

Rating: 98 / 100

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