Thirty Seconds To Mars Return With Anthemic Call To Arms 'Walk On Water'

It's been four years since Thirty Seconds To Mars released their last album Love Lust Faith + Dreams and three years since we've heard new music from them (their last release being a cover of Rihanna's 'Stay' in 2014). After loads of teasing and ambitious planning, Thirty Seconds ToMars return with an anthemic call to arms in 'Walk On Water.'

Any Thirty Seconds To Mars fan knows that if there's one thing the band believes in, it's you. Jared Leto is always talking about making your dreams reality. 'Walk On Water' feels like a real testament to that idea. The anthemic song begins with powerful chants and a brooding "do you believewalk on water" before the busy verses with a lot of fun little details support Leto's progressive vocals. The choruses burst with a lot of power, the synths exploding and Leto's vocals hitting highs. As with any Thirty Seconds To Mars anthem, it's the little parts that make the song so great, such as the small interjections in the first verse and the belted vocals at the end of the second verse. The final chorus explodes with a choir and huge drums, the whole track coming to a big end.

'Walk On Water' captures Thirty Seconds To Mars' modern essence very well. It's a natural progression from Love Lust Faith + Dreams, keeping the electronica a key element in the song. It's a bit poppier but at the same time it has a subtle darkness that the band's music always has. The song's lyric video takes clips from their A Day In The Life Of America project, showing various protest scenes and patriotic themes. The lyrics are similarly patriotic, the second verse proclaiming "Making love with the devil hurts / Times are changing / A thin line, the whole truth / The far right, the left view." 'Walk On Water' is a song about banding together and uniting to make our dreams come true, whether we push a political agenda or something personal. It's about overcoming something in the face of uncertainty. Anything is possible if you believe.

Thirty Seconds To Mars return with an anthemic call to arms with 'Walk On Water.' It's a song about persistence, resistance, and, most of all, uniting together so that our dreams may come true. If Thirty Seconds To Mars has taught us anything with their music, it's that the key to moving forward is believing in yourself. As we move forward, the powerful synths and pounding drums of 'Walk On Water' will be the soundtrack to that.

Rating: 95 / 100

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