Little Cub's Debut "Still Life" Is A Chill Experience

Indie band Little Cub's debut Still Life is a chill experience full of great atmosphere and nice melodies. Their alternative sound established in prior EPs all comes together for this record, offering up some groovy and sweet tracks.

A lot of this album revolves around its instrumentals. Most follow the wobbly, light synths that wander in the verses before trading off with something more punchy - 'Breathing Space' is a great example. This song has just that, its melodies sweet as they quietly float above the synths. 'My Nature' has a bigger emphasis on the punchy bass synths, really making the whole track about them. As the record goes on, the bassy synths feel like the main focus of the tracks' instrumentals, especially while songs like 'Loveless' features the contrast of a dancing light synth and the pounding bass.

As this record is mostly laidback album, you can't really expect many energetic moments. Opening track 'Too Much Love' has some kick to it, its synths jumping above its atmospheric background. It has some great elements to it, as well, everything really summing up to one strong, driven track. 'Hypnotise' at the center of the record also has some drive to it. It sounds like something from Radiohead with its ghoulish bassline and frantic percussion line, giving it some dynamic amidst the generally quiet album.

Still Life is a chill record without much of a claim to fame. It has its cool moments, but for a large part it feels inconsequential. There's just not much that really stands out on this record. By the end of the record, it just feels tired out; the last two songs have nothing to them but the same sounds. Where is the energy? The climax?

Little Cub's debut Still Life is a chill experience even if it does lack climax. It's a good debut, having its moments and showing the band's potential. It's a good start for them, but there's definitely a ways for them to go to really master their sound. Time will tell the fate of this band, but they definitely have everything they need to succeed.

Favorite Tracks: Hypnotise, Too Much Love

Least Favorite Tracks: Television, Snow

Rating: 70 / 100

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