Find True Blues In Little Hurricane's "Same Sun Same Moon"

It's not easy to find some goo, old-fashioned blues tunes anymore. Luckily, if that's what you're looking for, Little Hurricane has you covered. Their newest record sees a fresh blend of alternative and bluesy vibes, leaning more towards the latter in tone. You'll find true blues in Little Hurricane's Same Sun Same Moon

Same Sun Same Moon has a very laidback sound to it, making it an easy album to kick back to and enjoy. There are few tracks that really have much drive to them that makes them sound too energetic, so you won't find yourself moving about too much. There are tracks like 'Isn't It Great' that really embody the record, the guitar stings and great melody being the focal points of the record. The song eventually builds to a rocking end with a wicked guitar line giving it some energy to let loose to. A lot of tracks don't have that in the end, like 'Take Is Slow' which prioritizes its atmosphere.

The laidback vibe doesn't mean the record doesn't have any interesting ideas going on. Opening track 'Same Sun Same Moon' has a very unique sound to it with its jagged structure and chords. Something about it doesn't feel quite correct, but it adds to its charm. 'March Of The Living' has a pretty groovy and loud atmosphere to it, providing a brief change of pace in the middle of the record with its great dynamic changes. 'Mt. Señorita' follows with more groove before 'For Life' brings in the sweetness and love. You don't get as close to true blues anywhere else as you do in 'Slingshot,' which is blues from head to toe. With the groovy delivery of "I don't want no sugar in my coffee / It makes me mean" to the very essence of the line, even the vocals take the vibe to a height.

For a record that's very chill, there aren't many moments that stand out. It kind of just comes and goes. Lots of songs have a great sound to them, but at the same time the greatness doesn't translate to something you'd go back to. Same Sun Same Moon isn't an album that seeks flashiness, but there are times you'd wish it had shown off a bit to give it a bit more of a stylistic edge. There's just something missing that it never quite finds.

For a blues rock record, though, Same Sun Same Moon holds its ground pretty well. Great playing and a great vibe are this record's claim to fame, but if it had shown its stuff a little more, it'd have been golden. You'll find true blues in Little Hurricane's Same Sun Same Moon and you'll come back to it to chill, but for nothing more.

Favorite Tracks: Isn't It Great, Slingshot, March Of The Living

Least Favorite Tracks: Moon's Gone Cold, Take It Slow

Rating: 72 / 100

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