Lana Del Rey Returns With Anthemic "Love"

The signature face of moody, vintage-tinged pop is back. Lana Del Rey has returned with the lead single for her forthcoming album 'Love,' her first new music since 2015's Honeymoon.

Lana Del Rey has always kept a pretty modest profile when it comes to the tone of her music. While some of her lyrics have gone down in history as some of the "strangest" lyrics to be put to a pop song, the delivery is always smooth. In the case of 'Love,' both the lyrics and the delivery have the same drama going on with them. The song begins with the self-referencing words of "Look at you kids with your vintage music / Comin' through satellites while cruisin'," talking about the kids who listen to her music while high or drunk. She elaborates on this by singing "You're part of the past, but now you're the future / Signals crossing can get confusing," telling them that all these activities will get in the way of their future and ruin their youth.

The real message of the song is that you should enjoy your life how you want to. In this track, Lana talks of enjoying youth. The chorus moodily chants "You get ready, you get all dressed up / To go nowhere in particular / Back to work or the coffee shop," meaning that it's okay to get dressed up wherever you go for yourself. It doesn't matter what you do, because you're still "young and in love." 

The instrumental of the song gives it a very cinematic vibe. It's very minimalistic but does pack quite the punch. The pounding drums in the background of the chorus give it the sentiment of your life playing back in a cinematic way. The strings in the background give the track some nice vintage colors, as well. Everything comes together to give this song an old-school vibe while still maintaining the principles of the song.

'Love' is a big return for Lana Del Rey. She still has everything that made her who she is going for her: a vintage sound, great atmosphere, and a strong message. Her new album should be just on the horizon - let's hope it's as good as 'Love' promises it can be.

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Rating: 85 / 100

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