Kelly Clarkson Bounces Back With Confidence In "Meaning Of Life"

Whenever Kelly Clarkson is back with new music, you know she'll always be back in a big way. That's no different now. Kelly Clarkson bounces back with confidence in Meaning Of Life, offering a standard but certain new record.

Clarkson's music has been all about lifting you up as of late, and that's a big theme throughout Meaning Of Life. She does it in many forms, from a personal level on 'Didn't I' with its punchy bass and bombastic trumpets to an overarching call to women on 'Whole Lotta Woman.' Beyond song meanings themselves, it really feels like every part of Clarkson's music has something that's lifting you up. Whether it be her soaring vocals or the punchiness of the instrumentals, you'll always be left feeling good.

The music does a good job of staying interesting enough to keep the record going. There aren't too many moments that go above and beyond, but none of them really tank. For example, title track 'Meaning Of Life' is big and celebratory, with an expansive chorus but feels like it could've gone a little farther to become that much stronger. The more ballad-oriented moments on the record like 'I Don't Think About You' and 'Move You' have very sweet and emotional interiors that explode with even grander sounds, really letting her voice fly and showcase itself how it should be.

Kelly Clarkson bounces back with confidence in Meaning Of Life, continuing to uplift every listener in every song with loads of strength in her voice and her person. It takes a strong person to be able to write such songs, and an even stronger person to share them. It's a personal record and an important one, and it's certain to resonate on several levels.

Favorite Track: Move You

Least Favorite Track: Love So Soft

Rating: 72 / 100

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