Bush's 'Black and White Rainbows' Is Super Uninteresting

British rock band Bush has been pumping out tunes since their conception in 1992, but their latest effort doesn't show show a career of big hits. Their new album Black and White Rainbows is super uninteresting, having no energy and supremely lackluster elements.

There is hardly anything to compliment on the record. There are plenty of standard rock tracks, like opening track 'Mad Love,' which has a nice alternative rock sound to it. 'Peace-S' follows through and even though the entire premise of the song is cringey, still has a good tone to it. The latest single 'Dystopia' has a feel good vibe paired with a certain moodiness to it, with a good melody to back it.

The rest of this record is just awful. You can hear it in so many different aspects of the record; for one, there's such a distinct lack of inspiration on this album. 'Lost In You' is probably one of the most cliché songs written this year. It really just sounds like they ran out of ideas for music, but still wanted to make an hour-long record. 'Toma Mi Corazon' tries to spice things up with Spanish lyrics, but it just feels like another shot in the dark. The line in 'All The Worlds Within You' that cries "There's murders in the streets / Don't need murder in the houses" that really buries the hatchet for the lyrical content of the record.

The mixing of the record is also atrocious. There is almost no punch to this album, each riff hitting like wind against a dead tree. It's a hollow record lyrically and dynamically, and there isn't a single moment on the record that makes up for it. It's a flop from every angle you look at it.

Bush is a band with a legacy, but this album is a blemish on their career. There's so much wrong with it from start to finish that it doesn't render any lasting punch or even offers a single good song. Black and White Rainbows is super uninteresting and provides no sense of satisfaction while listening.

Favorite Track: Mad Love

Least Favorite Tracks: basically every other track

Rating: 40 / 100

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