Have Some Fun In Silja Sol's "Ni Liv"

Norway is a truly unique country. Nothing that comes out of it is remotely normal - it's all unique in the best ways possible. One of our favorite albums of last year was rising Norwegian pop singer Aurora's debut album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend, and a member of her band, Silja Sol, has now released her own record with similar flair.

It's not fair to compare Sol's music to Aurora's, because while they originate from the same country, the music serves a different purpose than Aurora's. Ni Liv is her second record, and its indie pop textures do show that she knows what she's doing. 'Ta Fyr' opens the record with a sweet, pulsing pop sound. It's pretty and almost etherial in sound, with the bouncing basses and reverberating vocals. Title track and single 'Ni Liv' follows up with a slightly darker vibe, changing up the sound pretty early on.

This album is pretty, if nothing else. Sparkling synths and smooth vocals singing in Norwegian really make it sound special. Especially in songs like 'Dyrene,' its emotional verses and wavy synths growing in the choruses to make it all the more dreamy. This album, as is the case with a lot of things in Norway, feel like a dream. Its textures are genuine and silky, washing over you with a warm embrace.

Ni Liv feels like it lacks meat, though. Lots of these indie pop songs have their pretty aesthetics, but don't have something keeping them grounded. Songs like 'Semmenemme' are fun and lighthearted, but there's just some central element it's missing that could carry the drive. There isn't really a bad song on this record, but many tracks don't have a body to them to make them feel complete.

Norway is magical, and you'll be able to enjoy its dreamy offerings and have some fun in Silja Sol's Ni Liv. It's a pretty and fun indie pop record with lots of heart, but it does lack something to really carry it throughout its playtime. That being said, perhaps that's what it needs - that suspended feeling that has it feel like it's always flying. It's having fun in its dreaminess, and that innocence is something you can't hate.

Favorite Track: Dyrene

Least Favorite Track: Gymsko

Rating: 72 / 100

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