Inna Delivers Some Catchy Tunes In "Nirvana"

Romania isn't the first place you think of when you think of a country banging out some pop bangers, but Romanian pop star Inna is representing her country well. Inna delivers some catchy tunes in Nirvana, her charming new album with a lot of creativity and fun sounds.

Those unfamiliar with Inna will find themselves doing a double take, given that a considerable amount of the record is sung in Spanish. That adds to the album's foreign textures, Spanish only being one element of what makes the album sound worldly. 'Gimme Gimme' is a playful track with some Middle-Eastern vibes to it, 'Don't Mind' also taking things to Asia with some Indian vibes. Inna definitely makes sure her sound is varied and inspired here.

Nirvana has a lot of what you'd expect of a pop record, including catchy melodies, strong hooks, and all the like. 'Ruletta' opens the record with the first Spanish textures, the romantic and fun nature of the language introducing the album on a fun note, with male vocals by Erik adding some extra texture to the record. It's not just the foreign idea of Nirvana that makes it exciting: everything about the record has energy as an intrinsic element of the track. 'Hands Up' is a great example, the very beat being sweet at its core.

Inna delivers some catchy tunes in Nirvana, showing the world what Romania has to offer to the world of music. It's full of influences around the world, and is everything you could expect from a pop album. Not a particularly incredible record, but a great insight to a lesser represented country, nonetheless.

Favorite Tracks: Ruleta, Nirvana

Least Favorite Track: Gimme Gimme

Rating: 72 / 100

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