Spiral Out Into Infinity With Zola Blood's Debut "Infinite Games"

Every so often a new artist will pop up with a familiar sound that they've managed to make all their own. That's indie rock band Zola Blood, who have crafted an ethereal sound that is truly mysterious yet beautiful all the same. Be ready to spiral out into infinity with Zola Blood's debut Infinite Games.

There's an elegance to Infinite Games that comes off brilliantly. Opening track 'Infinite Games' has a glitchy nature to it that gives it a polygonal feel without sacrificing its smooth nature. It has multiple edges but smooth surfaces to go between. The vocals are mysterious and sweet, radiating with an omniscient vibe to them. 'Heartbeat' follows through with a beautiful and gradual transition from acoustic instrumentation to a more electronic atmosphere, spiraling out into something epic.

This album is just downright epic. The band channels their inner Radiohead on 'The Only Thing,' the wobbling synth and upbeat dreams leading to massive synths and playful instrumentation, the faraway and passionate vocals at the end proving to sound just like Thom Yorke and be one of the best moments on the entire record. Zola Blood loves to spiral out into chaos on the record, finding brilliant ways to do so each time. The calm intro to 'Miles and Miles' leads into an expansive soundscape, before 'Play Out' delivers a dreamy atmosphere that ebbs and flows like a glowing river.

There just isn't a dull moment on Infinite Games. Every song has something beautiful about it, whether it be atmosphere, the vocals, or the instrumental. 'Good Love' brings the best of everything together, its beautiful melodies and instrumental pairing up for an amazing song. The end of the record has a slightly more upbeat drive to it, evident in the poppier 'Play Out' and the quickly-pulsing synth and jagged clapping samples in 'Silhouette.' Ending track 'Get Light' brings the energy back down for a dramatic conclusion, the vocals ringing as if they were being lifted by gentle winds as the song spirals out with its brilliant orchestration. This album goes out in a brilliant fashion.

Be prepared to spiral out into infinity with Zola Blood's debut Infinite Games, as you'll get sucked up and end up never wanting to end the journey. Channeling spacious atmospheres with a Radiohead-tinge makes Zola Blood's sound so familiar yet unique - a powerful combination that begs for further elaboration. Debuts don't get much stronger than this.

Favorite Tracks: The Only Thing, Infinite Games, Play Out, Heartbeat

Least Favorite Track: Islands

Rating: 88 / 100

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