Elbow Goes On An Adventure In "Little Fictions"

It's a true shame that the grand artistry of David Bowie is gone, but it feels like his voice can still be heard in the newest album from alt. rockers Elbow. Their seventh album Little Fictions hits hard in its dreamy fantasies and passionate cries.

There's a lot of adventure in Elbow's new album - you can tell right from the album art. The beautiful pinks and oranges wash over the blue rocks in such a way that, even though you can tell its a cartoon, you want to go and explore. The album itself will make you feel that way, too. Right from the start, the warm, colorful embrace of 'Magnificent (She Says)' will have you off your feet and finding someone you love and just being thankful for them. The way the bassline interacts with Guy Garvey's open and pure vocals really adds to the track's curiosity, as does the excellent composition with the strings and electronics. 

A lot of this album feels like something that could have come from Bowie. It's the dreaminess of Garvey's voice paired with the dreamy textures of the instrumentals that really draw that comparison. Listening to 'Trust The Sun' will definitely reveal that comparison, the mysterious instrumental and strong melodies making the song feel like it came right out of Bowie's playbook. Despite it's up in swagger, 'Firebrand & Angel' elevates the Bowie vibes even more.

There isn't much this album does bad - it does well in keeping its interest high throughout its playtime. The title track 'Little Fictions' is an eight and a half-minute spiraling epic at the end of the record, building gradually with more and more passion. The sweetness of the innocent pianos of 'Montparnasse' precede it, the character of the record really shining through at this point of the record. What I do wish is that this album wasn't fully caked in optimism, or at least not in optimistic vibes. There's no sense of wrong in this record, no uncertainty in the adventure it takes you on. In ways, it makes sense, but as we all know, there's no adventure without a bit of uncertainty.

Elbow goes on an adventure in Little Fictions and brings you along for the ride, too. It's a pretty album, and while it lacks a look at the more uncertain side of its exploration, it does awaken the wanderlust spirit within you. So download Little Fictions, grab the people who are close to youm and go out there and explore the world with them.

Favorite Tracks: Magnificent (She Says), Little Fictions, Trust The Sun

Least Favorite Track: Head For Supplies

Rating: 77 / 100

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