Skrillex Returns To From First To Last For The First Time in 10 Years With 'Make War'

It's not necessarily common knowledge that uber-popular EDM artist Skrillex was in a post-hardcore band before he became the dubstep superstar he is. But if you didn't know before, now you do, as Skrillex has returned to his former band From First To Last for this first time in 10 years for a new single titled 'Make War.'

The last time Skrillex - Sonny Moore - recorded with From First To Last was in 2006, when they released Heroine, an album that is largely considered to be one of the best in post-hardcore. It's been a decade since then, and both the band and Moore have grown. Skrillex shows that he's still able to deliver his signature high vocals that made From First To Last pretty memorable. His vocals are naturally a bit lower than they used to be, but there's stills some power in there. The instrumental is pretty great as well, a spidery guitar riff introducing the song before kicks in with some powerful riffs.

Fame can change someone, though. And so can setting the pop zeitgeist for dubstep. The instrumental and melodies may be phenomenal, but the lyrics are by far some of the worst that have come from both Skrillex and From First To Last. In hindsight, you probably could've expected as much from the cover art (which bares a peach emoji wrapped in barbed wire). You can make a song as awesome as you want instrumentally, but if your first prechorus is "Who was that inside you? / That made me feel so cock strong? / I wish the truth could do to you / What your snapchat put me through," you've messed up somewhere.

Is 'Make War' a strong return or a blemish on a legacy? Skrillex made a return to From First To Last in a deceivingly strong way. The melodies and instrumental of the song are pretty strong, but they may distract you from the lyrics, which are probably the worst you may hear in 2017. If this is the first single of more to come, let's hope they revisit Heroine for some inspiration. They need it.

Rating: 50 / 100

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