Queens Of The Stone Age Rock Out On "Villains"

Queens Of The Stone Age have achieved a sort of fame that few can really hope to capture. Their punchy riffs are always a big hit for rock fans, and every new album is long awaited. Queens Of The Stone Age rock out on Villains but don't quite hit a big mark throughout the album.

Queens Of The Stone Age are always able to delivery some groove, and from the very start of Villains the riffs are already rolling. 'Feet Don't Fail Me' brings in a sweet groove to get the album started, the thick riffs and funky rhythms really getting the vibe rolling. The groove never dies, carrying on until the end of the record on songs like 'The Evil Has Landed.' Many songs revolve around the groovy riffs, most revolving entirely around them.

The problem with Villains is that there really isn't much punch to a lot of songs after the initial riffs. Songs like 'The Way You Used To Do' are big and roll and keep things rolling to the end. Closing song 'Villains Of Circumstance' brings more of a focus to the dark atmosphere, which is also played with in 'Fortress.' Most other songs just take a riff and go with it, not really going anywhere and the production not allowing it to climax as it should.

Queens Of The Stone Age rock out on Villains, but not many songs really take the band to a big climax. Riffs roll and the groove lives on throughout the album but there aren't many times in which that's enough to justify the entire track. A good album, but it needs a little more punch and a little less pop.

Favorite Tracks: The Way You Used To Do, Villains Of Circumstance, The Evil Has Landed

Least Favorite Track: Un-Reborn Again

Rating: 76 / 100

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