Grandaddy's "Last Place" Brings Folk and Indie Together In A Sweet Fashion

Indie and folk are pretty tightly knit genres, and when they are brought together openly, they can create great things together. That can be heard in Grandaddy's new album, Last Place, which brings folk and indie together in a sweet fashion.

This album begins on a pretty fun note with 'Way We Won't.' It's full of cheerful vibe and bustling movements and instrumentals that are brought together by the playful vocal lines that are featured throughout the track. A chunky guitar supports the track, driving it with the beat as the vocals ring with a huge indie vibe. Things get darker and even groovier in 'Evermore,' it's brooding synth line accentuating Jason Lytle's ethereal vocals.

While the beginning half proves to be pretty fun, it's the back half of this record that really gives it its colors. The real character of the band comes out in 'That's What You Get For Gettin' Outta Bed,' it's fun vibe being more genuine than the opening track and just overall feeling much more comfortable than previous tracks. 'This Is The Part' completely changes the pace, Lytle's ethereal vocals now being backed by gorgeous orchestras to form a beautiful track. The progressive epic 'A Lost Machine' is the highlight of the record, with its very Porcupine Tree reminiscent sound and constantly moving parts. The song builds slowly and epically before climaxing in an array of emotions to conclude.

There aren't many downs to this album. Things get a bit too silly for my personal preference around the center, especially in 'Oh She Deleter :(' which, as you can gather from the title, isn't much of a serious song, and it just doesn't feel like it fits the record. 'I Don't Wanna Live Here Anymore' is a bit too forward and "safe," as well, especially considering the diversity of the rest of the record. Closing song 'Songbird Son' isn't bad, either, but it doesn't have quite the same impact as a closer as 'A Lost Machine' could have. It serves as a sweet closer nonetheless.

Grandaddy have a great thing going on. Last Place brings folk and indie together in a sweet fashion, exhibiting the character of the band in fun ways and offering up a sweet collection of tracks. The essence of the record is all about being true to itself, even if you think you're losing the race of life. Sit back and takes things as they come, for, as Grandaddy will help you realize, the good times will always be there.

Favorite Tracks: A Lost Machine, This Is The Part, Evermore, That's What You Get For Gettin' Outta Bed

Least Favorite Track: Oh She Deleter :(

Rating: 78 / 100

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