Seether Finds Balance On "Poison The Parish"

Alternative metal can go one of two ways: huge and unforgivingly, or mellowly with a touch of anger. Seether finds balance on Poison The Parish, touching upon both extremes on the record.

While there is undoubtedly a softer side to the record, there are many more intense moments on the record. From the opening track 'Stoke The Fire,' with its brutal, epic opening riffs to the raging, pounding delivery of 'Count Me Out,' you are being constantly bombarded by massive riffs no matter which way you turn. There may be a quiet chord here and there, but as you turn the corner, you'd better be prepared for intensity.

The album really lives off of its energy that the intense songs offer. 'Betray and Degrade' at the start of the record really helps carry the energy that the opening track establishes. 'Something Else' follows up with its rocking tone to keep that energy flowing strong. The roaring riffs of 'Let You Down' stand out as a highlight on the record, really adding an evil tone to the album. The same darkness thrives in 'Nothing Left,' the vocals having a slightly creepy edge to them.

There is a softer side to Poison The Parish that provides some contrast. There are some really stripped down tracks, like closing track 'Sell My Soul' with its southern rock vibe. Other track have an impending doom vibe to them, like 'Let Me Heal.' This track doesn't have a massive climax, but it'll have you feeling as uneasy as it would if it did. These softer songs that lie in between all the heavier ones give the album some sort of narrative to it, as if the anger is like a wave, swelling at times when everything comes crashing down.

Seether finds balance on Poison The Parish, giving the record a lot of dynamic and even a partial narrative. Alternative metal benefits a lot when the music has extremes. The dynamic range is important in any record, and Seether manages to find that right balance there. Not every track is a hit, but they all work together to make the record complete.

Favorite Tracks: Let You Down, Let Me Heal, Nothing Left, Stoke The Fire

Least Favorite Track: Sell My Soul

Rating: 76 / 100

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