Weezer - Weezer (The Black Album) (Album Review)

Weezer has already been pretty busy this year with their Teal Album cover album, but they’ve brought even more to offer with another record, this time with all new material. Weezer adds a poppy flair to their distinct catchy rock legacy with their energetic new record Weezer (The Black Album).

Weezer sound as energetic as ever (though still fittingly dejected in that Weezer-y way) in The Black Album, ensuring that you can’t help but enjoy it if you embrace the more modern sound. The Spanish punch of ‘Can’t Knock The Hustle‘ brings the record to a very fun and dynamic start, Weezer introducing their new sound effectively and respectfully. The fun energy continues with the following track ‘Zombie Bastards,’ a rockier attitude coming with it to keep Weezer’s core sound alive. A lot of The Black Album can only be described as fun: ‘High As A Kite‘ is a nice track about parasailing, while the punchy pop of ‘The Prince Who Wanted Everything‘ adds a fun dynamic towards the end of the album.

The Black Album is an overall solid and pretty inoffensive effort from Weezer, but it doesn’t go above and beyond. There are no inherently weak tracks, yet all the same there are only a handful of tracks that stand out on the album. ‘I’m Just Being Honest‘ is one of them, the track perfectly capturing Weezer’s poppier sound with their rock background. Closing track ‘California Snow‘ also stands out, the track sounding unique from anything on the rest of the record with its electronic atmosphere. Other tracks like ‘Too Many Thoughts In My Head‘ and ‘Piece Of Cake‘ deliver some nice, energetic vibes to the record but really don’t stand out above the rest, which is the case for several tracks.

Weezer redefine their sound by adding a modern, pop rock punch to it in their new record Weezer (The Black Album). Though most tracks don’t stand out as stellar, it’s an overall solid record that delivers some nice vibes and great energy. Not a classic Weezer album, but an enjoyable one nonetheless.

Favorite Tracks: Can’t Knock The Hustle, California Snow, I’m Just Being Honest

Least Favorite Track: The Prince Who Wanted Everything

Rating: 77 / 100

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