Aminé's "Good For You" Is A Promising, Fresh Sound For Rap

If you've read our reviews of 21 Savage's or 2 Chainz's latest records, you could tell we weren't a fan of the current state of hip-hop. There are a few promising proponents that do things well but for me, it's a pretty stale time to be a rapper. A bunch of fresh new faces are popping up and changing up the game, though. Aminé's Good For You is a promising, fresh sound for rap and shows that rap does have a bright future.

What's immediately most striking about Good For You it the very light and bright feel. Aminé isn't trying to be serious or put himself on any high horses with the tone of his music. 'Veggies' immediately grabs your attention with its beautiful orchestral intro, before the super chill song rolls in with Ty Dolla $ign and gives the album its fresh vibes. 'Yellow' keeps that groove going with the bouncing instrumental and beat, 'Caroline' keeping the pace up with fun lyrics and a punchier delivery.

The thing that's so refreshing about Aminé isn't even the fact that the music is good (there aren't any bad songs, but not many really great ones). He just feels so comfortable and in his element here, not trying to play off a gimmick like many other rappers. 'STFU' is charmingly aggressive, playfully moving along as Aminé effectively describes having expectations to live up to. 'Wedding Crashes' is equally as charming, while 'Turf' stays honest. The entire album really feels like it's intrinsically him and not trying to build a facade for himself to look cool or anything. It's honest and it's him.

Aminé's Good For You is a promising, fresh sound for rap and really stands out in a sea of bland sounds as a genuine voicing of his character. No flamboyancy, no trend-hopping, nothing. It's just Aminé, and that's all you'd want from a hip-hop album. Honesty.

Favorite Track: Veggies

Least Favorite Track: Hero

Rating: 77 / 100

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