Sound Of Ceres Captures Their Aesthetic In "The Twin"

Nowadays, something that a lot of indie bands hold dear and true are their aesthetics. It's not without cause; in a genre that's so overpopulated with so many bands doing a lot of the same things, you really need to stake your claim and keep sticking out by staying true to that. Sound Of Ceres captures their aesthetic in The Twin, sweetly relaying the essence of the band out through the music.

The Twin is a very relaxing album. It has a lo-fi, spacey vibe to it that really puts you at ease. You even get tracks like 'Solar Mirror 9' that are so soothing, they might be a bit too soothing (you may start to nod off if you're not careful). Opening track 'Gemini Scenic' really does a great job about setting the album up for what it is. The track opens with peaceful synths, soon leading into vocals and an accompanying drum beat. As the song progresses, it builds with bouts of energy, but at no point does that energy ever get the best of them. It stays reserved for the most part, which is something to be appreciated.

An issue with The Twin is that this album doesn't really become much outside of a lay-back and chill type of record. It's something you have to take in as a whole, as the individual tracks don't do it any justice. There are some great moments, like the Björk influence in 'Outer Century' and the brooding sounds of 'Io Scenic A/B,' yet even those tracks don't do much with those songs to develop ideas. They go on with a sound, carry it on until the end, and immediately move onto something only slightly different.

Sound Of Ceres captures their aesthetic in The Twin, but its not all for good. The Twin is an album you can't really listen to individual pieces of, and when you do sit down to listen to the whole thing, you may be soothed into falling asleep. Unless that is, of course, your goal, you may be better off finding something more invigorating.

Favorite Track: Outer Century

Least Favorite Track: Solar Mirror 9

Rating: 65 / 100

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