Evanescence Brilliantly Reimagine Their Biggest Tracks In "Synthesis"

The symphonic element of Evanescence has always been one of the defining points of their discography. It's been six years since the band released their third record, the self-titled Evanescence which took a slightly more alternative approach to their gothic sound. After Amy Lee has dabbled in her own solo career and the band has grown, they're taking a look back at some of their older tracks and breathing new life into them. Evanescence brilliantly reimagine their biggest tracks in Synthesis while introducing some new ones, as well.

You'll be able to hear many of your favorite Evanescence tracks for the first time all over again in Synthesis. The classic 'Bring Me To Life' is just as dark and dramatic as the original version, but the new emphasis on the strings and electronics give it a whole new atmosphere. The haunting synths make the verses creepy, while the strings and dynamic percussion make the verses huge and dramatic. The song slowly builds, becoming more driven and purposeful as it continues. You'll get chills hearing those opening notes of 'Imaginary' as it comes out of the tense interlude 'Unraveling,' and be blown away by the brilliant recreations of songs like 'Never Go Back' and 'End Of The Dream.'

There are some new songs on Synthesis as well, 'Hi-Lo' is a big track, the verses sounding like an anthemic march through some fairytale land. Closing track 'Imperfection' is immense, a huge and grand track with massive choruses bringing out the album on an epic note. Many of the older feel like they've finally found their perfect state, such as 'Lacrymosa' and 'Your Star' which truly stand out amongst the rest on the record. 'My Immortal,' a song Lee has always expressed a distaste for, seems to finally have some more meaning. Some songs don't feel quite as personal as their originals, still: 'Lithium' and 'Lost In Paradise' both feel like they don't quite hit the same power the original versions did.

Evanescence brilliantly reimagine their biggest tracks in Synthesis, giving old tracks new perspectives and bringing new ones into the fray. It's an interesting step for the band, and definitely something new. It's not quite an acoustic album yet it's not quite a completely new one, either. It's that middle step into something new, and it'll be interesting to see where it goes.

Favorite Tracks: Imperfection, End Of The Dream, Lacrymosa, Never Go Back

Least Favorite Track: Lithium

Rating: 88 / 100

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