A$AP Ferg Jumps On Dull Trends In "Still Striving"

In the age of clickbait and trending topics, it's easy to jump onto the bandwagon to attract an audience. There are clever ways of doing it, none of which are present on A$AP Ferg's newest album. A$AP Ferg jumps on dull trends in Still Striving and leaves a lot to be desired.

Still Striving isn't exclusively another cringeworthy trap record (thank god), but that doesn't pardon it from being really boring. Opening track 'Trap and A Dream' with Meek Mill has absolutely no impact as an opener, 'Rubber Band Man' following up with an incredibly dull hook that oddly chants "Call me Stunna Man, diamonds shining like the rainbow / Runnin' this shit, you can call me Usain Bolt." Lil Yachty doesn't give much to the album in 'Aww Yeah,' while the entirety of 'Coach Cartier' with Famous Dex is one of the most obnoxious things you could ever listen to.

There aren't many redeeming moments on Still Striving. From Playboi Carti sounding like a whining ten-year old on 'Mad Man' to the incredibly underwhelming end in 'Tango.' The only redeemable moment, to me, is the cool instrumental sound of 'One Night Savage.' Other than that, there's nothing on this record that does anything better than any other artists out there. In fact, he does a lot of things worse. Nearly everything.

A$AP Ferg jumps on dull trends in Still Striving, not making anything worthwhile from beginning to end. It's not even an album that has any possible trap bangers on it - it's all meaningless and bodiless rap that tries to copy sounds for the sake of getting some more views.

Favorite Track: One Night Savage

Least Favorite Tracks: Coach Cartier, East Coast REMIX, Tango

Rating: 52 / 100

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